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Update Archives (Jan. 5, 1999 - Dec. 14, 1999)

Please note that this is just an archive and many links and forms may be unavailable.

1998 Archives


Dec. 14 Updates- Band Christmas Party
  • Don't forget that this Saturday is the annual Band Christmas Party.   On the 18th, the party will last from 7:00pm to 11:00pm and will be open to band students only.  The site of the party will be at the St. James United Methodist Church, 512 St. James Avenue in Goose Creek, just across from the Immaculate Conception Church where it was located last year.

Dec. 7 Updates- Barnes & Noble "Wrap It Up" Program
  • Barnes and Noble is sponsoring the "Wrap It Up" program for groups to raise money by wrapping gifts for donations. They supply the materials, and we supply the labor. The Stratford Band Boosters has reserved Friday, Dec. 17 from 6:00-11:00pm and Sunday, Dec. 19 from 8:00-11:00pm. The donations will go into the general trip fund. In addition to the gift wrapping, there will be a small ensemble of 6 to play in the Barnes & Noble cafe during these hours.  Signup sheets will be posted up in the bandroom on Monday, Dec. 13.

Dec. 6 Updates- Change in the Side Menubar
  • You may have noticed the left menubar appearing with only grey boxes or nothing at all, where there used to be boxes that glowed when the mouse is pointed over.   Somehow, Xoom won't let that happen anymore, and I've been waiting for them to fix it.  But that hasn't come, and now I've made a new bar.  Hope you all like it.

Dec. 5 Updates- Jazz Band Songs
  • The jazz band performance is up.  Their selections include God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Jingle Bell Rock, Let It Snow, Frosty the Snowman, Rock Around the Chistmas Tree, and Holly Jolly Christmas.

Dec. 2 Updates- Stratford Christmas Concert
  • The concert band performances are now up online in the Concerts Page.  This year's Christmas selections include A Christmas Festival, Greensleeves, The Nutcracker Suite, The Christmas Song, and Sleigh Ride from the concert band, and a special feature of B. Kershner playing mellophone and trumpet.   The jazz band performances will be up shortly.

Nov. 24 Updates- Bowl-a-thon Results
  • On Nov. 20, the band sponsored a bowl-a-thon at Royal-Z-Lanes to raise money for the Washington, D.C. trip.  Here are the results:

Top Game Scores:

  • 209, 162, 151

Low Games Scores:

  • 23, 33, 34

Top Series Scores:

  • 429, 426, 404

Low Series Scores:

  • 151, 154, 159

Most Pledges in $/pin

  • $0.82, $0.75, $0.57

Most Money Earned:

  • $373.00, $255.02, $221.02

Average Game Score:

  • 87

Average Series Score:

  • 261

Average Money Earned:

  • $70.00

Total Money Earned:

  • $4,317.89

Nov. 12 Updates- Fruit and Bowl-a-thon
Nov. 8 Updates- State Placings
Class 5A
Superior Excellent
1 Irmo 96.5 9 Sumter 83.45
2 Lexington 94.55 10 Stratford 81.45
3 Northwestern 92.95 11 Richland Northeast 80.9
4 Orangeburg-Wilkinson 91.7 12 Spartanburg 79.1
5 Dorman 90.65 13 Lancaster 77.35
6 Rock Hill 90.45 14 Gaffney 75.15
7 Summerville 90.125 15 Lower Richland 71.85
8 Wando 86.05      


Nov. 2 Updates- Show at Goose Creek
  • The show performed at Goose Creek is now up, however, there are some "defects" in the sound.  The recording isn't perfect as usual, as it starts 3-4 measures into the show.  The end was cut off prematurely.  I have no way of fixing it, and it only appears in the show at Goose Creek.

  • Another note about the D.C. Trip-  Donations towards the trip are welcome.  Whoever wishes to contribute towards the trip may contact Mr. Haynes (820-4033) or Ms. Westberry (820-4000) at the school.  If neither contact is available, you may contact Mrs. Wells at 797-6113 or at

Oct. 31 Updates- DC Trip
  • (from Nov 99 newsletter)  To date the band has raised or paid into the trip account $5,252.74.  The Booster Club has paid out for the trip $15,279.  Another payment of $10,394 is due on November 15th.   December 15th our payment will be $13,859, January 15th the payment will be $17,324 and February 15th the balance of the trip will be due about $12,400.
    As you can see the trip account does not have enough money in it to cover our expenses and the Booster Club can not afford to continue to pay the bills and cover its own expenses too.  Therefor it is imperative that everyone begin making payments into their individual account.  We can not count on the Booster Club, Corporate Sponsors or outside donations to pay the bills for us.   Remember any money paid in by you is refundable if the student earns additional money through fundraising.  Money raised through fundraising can only be used for trip costs.  Students are responsible for providing spending money while on the trip.

Oct. 28 Updates- Fruit Sales Spreadsheet
  • As the Fruit Sale's end is set for November 12, you can make your tally time much shorter with an Excel-based spreadsheet.  It does the tallying, counts up how many units you sell and adds up prices for you.  Click the image for a close up view.  Download the spreadsheet here.

Fruit Sale Spreadsheet, Click to Zoom in

  • All you have to type in are the names in Column A and the quantities of fruit in Columns B-M.  Do not alter the information in Column N or Rows 32-34.   These cells contain the formulas to calculate your total.  You will also see bold, dark corners on the spreadsheet.  You may alter or delete the information inside these corners as you wish.  You may also delete the names in Column A as well.

  • Try out the sheet by downloading it and then run it using Excel.  You must have Excel or a program that supports Excel files to use this sheet.  This spreadsheet was created with Microsoft Excel 2000, and should be backwards-compatible with other Excel versions.  Contact me on any problems that arise.

Oct. 25 Updates- Show From Hilton Head Game, Lower State


1) J. F. BYRNES 98.05 1) WALTERBORO 94.875
2) EASLEY 94.40 2) HARTSVILLE 91.60
3) B-SPRINGS 92.57 3) JAMES ISLAND 89.875
4) RIDGEVIEW 92.22 4) GOOSE CREEK 89.650
5) LAURENS 90.67 5) WEST FLORENCE 85.375
6) DUTCH FORK 88.85 6) WILSON 84.475


1) FORT MILL 97.55 1) MIDLAND VALLEY 93.150
2) WREN 95.90 2) MIDDLETON 92.60
3) YORK 95.625 3) NEWBERRY 91.10
4) CLINTON 92.65 4) STROM THURMOND 90.25
5) CLOVER 92.025 5) B-CAYCE 90.20
6) DANIEL 91.25 6) GEORGETOWN 87.625


Oct. 23 Updates- Boiling Springs Results
Oct. 18 Updates- Boiling Springs Show Online
Oct. 17 Updates- Stratford Places 3rd at Boiling Springs
  • James F. Byrnes
    H. L. Hanna

  • Stratford receives the Goofiest Band Director award and the Superior Drum Major award.

  • The recordings will be posted up soon.  There is no recording of the show at Fort Dorchester.

Oct. 10 Updates- Shows are up and some results from Georgetown and Barnwell
  • On the Shows or the This Year's Performances pages, you can download the shows from the Georgetown competition or the Wando football game.

  • Here are a comparison of scores of Orangeburg and us from the Georgetown competition, from

from Georgetown Music Marching Overall Effect Total Horn Line Drum Line Drum Major Guard Line Overall Total Rating

of 1000


of 1000

Orangeburg- Wilkinson 383 344.5 239 966.5 383 89 99 92 966.5 Superior
Stratford 372 342.5 222 936.5 372 83 97 89 936.5 Superior
difference 11 2.0 17 30.0 11 6 2 3 30.0  
  • Results from Barnwell are already up from, and it looks like Walterboro beat Summerville as they take home the 1st place overall award or, the Red Grand Championship Award, also over Class 3A champ Middleton.

from Barnwell

BEAUFORT 33.55 23.50 24.90 81.95 81 71 90
SUMMERVILLE 37.40 27.00 28.40 92.80 89 93 94.80
WALTERBORO 37.85 29.00 29.10 95.95 92 90 91.60
SILVER BLUFF 37.05 26.50 28.10 91.65 91 89 87.90
SOUTH AIKEN 34.40 26.00 26.00 86.4 86 86 90.4
MIDDLETON 35.70 25.50 27.90 89.10 90 94 95


Oct. 3 Updates- Georgetown

Stratford Places 2nd at Georgetown

1st- Orangeburg
2nd- Stratford
3rd- Wilson

  • Stratford receives 2nd place trophies for Best Drumline, Best Drum Major, and Best Horn Line.

  • There are no available sounds at the moment.

  • There is a new page for the site- the This Year's Performances page.  It will contain a link from the Shows page only and basically all performances of this year will be on that page.  This is a great way to chart progress of our band!

Sep. 25 Updates- North Charleston Game Show
  • The first marching performance of the show at North Charleston is up.  Head to the Shows Page.

  • For those who didn't go to Hanahan, Middleton picked up 1st place in Class 3A, and Wando picked up 1st place in Class 4A, both with Superior ratings.   Wando won the President's Award out of Classes 3A & 4A.

Sep. 22 Updates- Hanahan
  • Stratford will not be attending the Hanahan competition.  However, if you would like to attend, the first band performs at 2:00.  I know that this is very little information, but the SC Band Link, should have it.

  • Just in case any of you are wondering, there is no recording of the show from the Summerville game on the 20th.

Sep. 17 Updates- Summerville Game
  • Obviously the Friday football game against Summerville has been cancelled.  The game's been rescheduled for Monday the 20th.  As far as marching is concerned, we are meeting at Stratford at 6:15pm.  The game starts at 7:00, not at 8:00.  There is no information on an approximate ending time, as of 2pm.

Sep. 15 Updates- New Show- 1991
  • The show of the 1991 Marching Knights is now up!   I don't know where State was then, so any alumni or band parents that remember let me know.  Also note the 1991 pic above.

Sep. 11 Updates- Friday's Show is Up
  • Friday's show at Walterboro is up.  It's in the Shows Page.

  • There is now a Cadences section of the page.  Only accessible from the top of the Shows Page, it starts off with the 1993 and 1998 Cadences.

Sep. 6 Updates- Show Recordings
  • If you know someone that has a recording of the Sep. 3 marching show, please contact me.  I am trying to get the show uploaded as quickly as possible, and sadly I'm not able to record the show myself.  Typically I can get the show uploaded within an hour of getting home.  My original sources weren't able to hand me any (video)tapes, so I'm now asking you guys.  Videocassettes are preferable, since I can take snapshots from them and they will be featured on the page, as well as the sound.   Make sure that there isn't too much audience interference in the sound as well, or else it will be very noticeable on the uploaded version.  (Listen to the 1993 show.)   I am also able to edit the audience interference, but I confess I am not very good at it.

  • So again, contact me on any recordings you or someone you know may have.

Aug. 31 Updates- Section Pages
  • This is actually old news, but I'm trying to spark some interest in it.

  • If you are interested in making a web page for your section, click on the Section Pages link above.  Your section page may contain sectional schedules, major events, and such.  Even though the page must meet some regulations set by the district, you are free to put anything on your page.  Think of the page as a central area for your section to find out information.  You can even post up the latest changes in the music score, or have discussions on a new horn flash.  Charleston Symphony Orchestra performing locally?  Let the section know about it.

Aug. 12 Updates- CD Cancelled
  • Well, It's very tough for me to say this, but the CD cannot be made available to the public.  Due to "Technical Difficulties" and the possiblility of "(Federal or) Corporate Involvement" the CD will not be made.

  • For those of you who were anxious in receiving a CD I am very sorry, but there are higher powers that are preventing further progress.  (What I mean by higher powers I am not referring to God, even though I'm sure He would like a CD too.)

  • Anyway, don't despair, the shows on the CD were exactly copies of the ones on this site, so if you have the time, download Winamp from the button on the left and the songs that you would like to hear.  Again, sorry guys.  This also means the picture that would have been the cover sheet is changed.

Aug. 10 Updates- CD Progress
  • I've received the prototype of the band's first CD containing the shows of 1992 through 1998.  It sounds really great, and as soon as I get things cleared with Mr. Haynes and the Band Boosters, sales will start.

  • The picture replacing the "Come Sweet Death" picture is one of my creations. It has a little collage of band photos left over from past shows shaped in the form of a trumpet.  (Heh, what else? =)  You can actually see part of the old "Come Sweet Death" picture in the upper-right!  The center of the collage has something from days old- the band performing in shorts!  The picture has a possibility of becoming the cover for the CD case, even though the dimensions are slightly off.  I hope you like it.

July 29 Updates- CD's Nearly In Production
  • The CD's that will be sold via the Band Page is almost ready to be made.  (see June 20 Updates)  All CD's will be purchased through another page not yet online with a form, and  most likely checks and cash will be accepted.  The price range is still debatable since I still need to discuss the amount of money that can be granted to the Band Boosters.  The new Stratford Band CD's will consist of the 1992-1998 marching band shows.

  • Is everyone ready for Band Camp?  Remember that camp will last practically all day from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and again from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  Why the two times?  You get to go home for two hours to rest and eat dinner.   Remember that this will last Saturday the 31st, and continues  Monday the 2nd to Saturday the 7th.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
25 26 27 28 29 30 31
1 2 3 4 5 6 7


July 1 Updates- Contribute Using the BI-LO BonusCard
  • You can now do it with this card, the BI-LO BonusCard.  With the BonusCard, you can have portions of the money you save from buying groceries and products sent to the Band Boosters.

  • How do you help?  You can either sign up online, or register via phone.  From BI-LO's Boosters site, you enter in your BonusCard number, your last name, and then the number for the group to support, the Stratford Marching Knights, 1375

  • To register by phone, dial 1-877-4-BOOSTERS (26678377).  When you are asked to, punch in your BonusCard number, the first three letters to your last name, and the Stratford Marching Knights' ID number, 1375.

  • After that you shop for products with the BonusCard savings label and you are helping out the band!

June 22 Updates- Welcoming the 1999-2000 Marching Year
  • It's again the time for preparing for the new marching season.   This calls for some new visual changes in the site, as well as new features.

  • The new schedule feature is a great informative way to stay up-to-date with the current events and to make sure your schedule won't interfere with the band's.

  • Another feature is about everyone's section in the band.  Dubbed The Section Project, it's about having any participating section in the band (saxes, drumline, colorguard, etc.) make a web page about your section, as long as it abides by the school and district guidelines.  All details here.

  • Some of you may know that I have been dubbing any 90-minute tapes for you with all of the show tunes on them.  As long as you supply me the tapes, I'll dub them free of charge.  There is also another media that will soon be available with show tunes on them, and that is by CD.  Soon, CD's of the 1992-1998 shows will be sold through the Sounds of Stratford.   Right now, an estimated price for these CD's will be from the $10 to $15 range.   I am happy and willing to give any portion of the profits to the Band Booster Club.

  • Finally, the new background music is Birdland by Maynard Ferguson, for all you jazz folk.

May 1 Updates- 1999 Spring Concert is Up
  • Most of the Spring Concert on April 29 is now up.  There are some songs that aren't up, and they are marked with the "(pending)" sign.  However, there are a total of 9 song additions and 50 more minutes of playing!!

Apr. 2 Updates- Superior Rating at Concert Festival
  • The Stratford Symphonic Band was given a Superior (I) rating at Concert Festival in Myrtle Beach Thursday evening.  The judges said that our music was played very well but sometimes "overblowing" was a problem.  Overall, the time spent at Concert Festival was spent well, with everyone leaving thinking they were successful.

  • In other news, the upcoming MP3 Come Sweet Death will be coming as soon as Dave compresses the song.  I will keep in touch.

Mar. 17 Updates- Officially Official
  • I've recieved news from Stratford that says they'll be linking to this site from their web page.  An official site means that there will be more information, naming a schedule (like the Knight Beat by the Band Boosters) as one.   There's a possibility that I'll have to hire some people to help...

Mar. 7 Updates- Upcoming MP3
  • There will be soon a new MP3 up thanks to Dave.  It is the 1993 Spring Concert performance of Come, Sweet Death featuring trumpet soloist J. Pawlack.   (Song originally performed by Doc Severinsen in his 1992 recording Good Medicine.)

  • There is new link with the text links at the near-bottom and soon to be on the menubar:  Try it out today

Feb. 26 Updates-
  • Some quick news on behalf of the band page, since I'll be leaving for Georgia for the weekend:

  • I'll need to address other misunderstandings.  The school was not attacking the right to the freedom of speech.  There were some great comments on the Guestbook, but since they spoke of freedom of speech, I was told to remove them.

  • There will be no more Bandlist.  For your sake, there can't be a risk to other people attacking you with unwanted email.  There will also be no close-up pictures.

  • As you can see, the school's name is all over the page.  There's no more need to a new name, although some of you had some interesting ideas.  I'm going to have control over the page, and all I have to do is notify an administrator at school that there's an update, and she'll check it out.  I misunderstood about the page being "ratified" at the district, since this is a page just pertaining to the school band and will not be on the district servers.  The school page, will have a link to this page.

  • This is just about a quickie on what's happening.  If you need more info, email me and I'll see if I can get to your questions when I get back Sunday.

  • I've also received email about the Come, Sweet Death song.  We haven't performed it yet!  Every recording on this site is a performance.   I won't mind if you give me a recording of a run-thru in class, it's just that I record only performances.  So, just to make you feel a bit better, here's a link for the background music, the Love Story Theme, which, basically, is Come, Sweet Death.  See ya Sunday

Feb. 23 Updates- The Guestbook Issue
  • I'm sure many of you have heard of the lecture about the site in class.   Even though I don't need to do what I'm about to do, I'll do it anyway:

  • I'm issuing a formal apology to Mr. McCrackin and the board for letting that foul message on the Guestbook to come up.  Don't look, it's not there anymore.   Since I'm the webmaster of the site, I am responsible for anything that pops up on the Guestbook and this site.  Also cheers goes to the individual of the foul message for a quick apology on the Guestbook.

  • The Bandlist has been taken offline again because of new events.   There is a possibility that the site can be regulated by the school without having the delay in uploading and having it gone through the board.

Feb. 22 Updates- Site's Still Under Reconstruction
  • Hi everyone.  I've managed to get certain pages up, especially the sounds page.  I still need a new name for the site, so I'm open to any suggestions.   I've included a form below to help you.  SoS! is still too reminiscent of the former title, for which I cannot mention for reasons you already know, so it's there only temporarily.

What should the new name be?

keep it SoS!
Sounds of the Marching Knights

Feb. 17 Updates- Site Under Reconstruction
  • Hello Everyone.  There has been new events arising about the existence of this band page.  I've reached an agreement with the school and hopefully the district:
  • I can keep the band page and all of its contents.  I can keep editing the page under my power and without influence from the school.
  • The only catch is that I must remove all information relating to the school.  I guess you had already figured that from the missing logo at the top.   I will think of a new name without the school's name included.
  • So now, I'll start a long task performing this "catch" and so many of the links referring to the site, listed at the bottom, will be unavailable.  I'll keep you guys posted on this page.
  • For those of you who are unknown to what's going on, I've had some conflicts with the school and the school district about this band page.   They say that I cannot use the school's name without having an official band page of the school.  I had the choice of handing the site over to the school, which would severely limit the page.  I mean that since what I type could be edited by the district, there would be a month delay in the upload time to update the page (in contrast to my 5-minute upload from home), and that there would be no interactivity in the site- no close up pictures, no one can send email to me, and there would be no Bandlist (an email archive of members).
  • To show the other end of the issue, I was told that my site brought up "security issues" about the school.  Some malicious person could send threatening email to someone.  They say I do not have the authority to use the name of the school.
  • So in the end, I chose the side of freedom of expression.   Here I am just showing others my design talents and helping expose our band to other bands in the US, for there's proof of that in the Guestbook.  There's a lot of friendly people out there that just want to see how we play.

Jan. 17 Updates

Jan. 5 Updates

  • It was just a matter of time until this site would be next.  The Sounds of Stratford page faces regulation from the school district.   It was said to me earlier on that I can not have this entire web page up without the school's authorization, and that I have used the word "Stratford" without permission.  It has been suggested to me that instead of deleting the site, the site be moved; right beside the official Stratford High School page.  I can still update the page.  The catch is that [they] can edit information on the site the way they want.  Any updates that I make used to be a mere upload to the Xoom server.  Updates under regulation would be carried through disk, carried to Moncks Corner where the district office is, edited, approved, then uploaded.

  • A violation of 1st Amendment Rights?  A step to protect the school's name?

  • A Goliath picking on a David?  A normal case of natural selection?

  • What would you do?  This site has been up for 1 year and 2 weeks now, and never before has such an issue been brought up.  You can post your replies to the Guestbook, to the school's email: or to me,

  • Onto a lighter subject: the background music is Armenian Dances, by Alfred Reed.

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