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Last Updated July 21, 2000

Use this page to answer your questions or problems about the downloadable files, Winamp, or anything else related.

Problem:  I download a file and I get a message like "Invalid media type." or I can't play the sounds.

Fix:  This could be from two things, one or both of them.  First of all, you need something to decompress these so-called "Zip" files.  Winzip is your cure.  Get it at www.winzip.com.   If you have Winzip and still can't play the sounds, make sure you have a program to play MP3 files like Winamp, located at www.winamp.com.

Problem:  I can't play the shows or the concerts, and I don't have this "Winamp" program.

Fix:  You can play the songs only as long as you have an MP3 player.  These songs aren't your normal .Wav files.  MP3 is a somewhat new format, bringing more quality with less usage of space.  Winamp is currently a 32-bit program, which means it runs on Windows95 or 98 or NT.  It is a great player, so get it.  If you have a 16-bit program such as Windows 3.1, there are still 16-bit MP3 players out there.   Same for the Mac, too.  Visit http://www.mp3.com/software/players.html for other players.

Problem:  I cannot see the Java navigation bar.

ie4security.gif (15539 bytes)Fix:   For Internet Explorer 4 and up- On the menu bar click View, then Internet Options.   Click on the Security tab. Check to see if your security is set to High.  If it is, and you would like to keep it on High, follow these steps.  Click Custom, then on Settings.  You should be able to see a screen just like this one. Look for an option called "Scripting of Java applets."  Make sure "Enabled" is selected. Press OK, then OK again to close the security screens. Press Refresh to start using the Java nav-bar.  Note that the only changes that you are making is to view Java applets, not anything else.
If this fix doesn't solve anything, there are always the text links at the bottom of each page.

If you guys have a problem with this site or Winamp, email me or post a message on the guestbook so I can bring fixes to this page.


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