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About the Sounds of Stratford

First uploaded on December 21, 1997, the Sounds of Stratford website has been the source for downloading entire shows and later concerts that the band has performed.  Entire's the word.  How on earth do you fit songs that can be as long as 17 minutes (1812 Overture) onto a website?  The answer is MP3.

MP3 is a great format to play sounds.  It offers up to CD quality sound at a fraction of the size of a sound not formatted in MP3.  Before MP3, you would see sites that offer "sound clips," which are, most of the time, not entire songs, and take up as much space as the average song on the Sounds of Stratford site.  For people who want stats, the sounds here are recorded from amature recordings (thanks, band parents!).  The sounds are then converted into MP3 at 22,050Hz, 16bits, 24Kbits/sec, Mono.

To listen to these sounds, you need first the software necessary to decompress them and play them.  Winzip,, is the program to decompress them.  AOL people already have some version of this.   WinAMP,, is my recommendation for a player.  There are others, however.  You'll have to look for these yourself.

After you've gotten these programs, install them and start downloading!  Enjoy the music!

Kevin Samson
Author & Webmaster
KevMaestro on AOL's Instant Messenger
12629738 on ICQ

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