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Section Pages

Last Updated: Friday, July 21, 2000

District Guidelines below, see Page Content Guidelines

Participating Sections:

The Stratford Saxes Page, by A. Galinato

The Sounds of Stratford Trumpet Web Page, by D. White

The purpose of this project is to help the band be more interactive through the web, by means of making their own web site.  A section may choose their site to be competitive, that is, to make sure their web page is better than another or others.   Any section is eligible, and the page must conform to the guidelines below.

Please note that these guidelines can change, and the entire project can be terminated at any time, because it has not been approved by the school or Mr. Haynes yet.  Also note that making the web page is entirely up to the section and should be treated as a second priority.  I do not want to be responsible for lost time that should be spent practicing marching or playing.  I encourage you to do this during free time.

Added text, Removed text


  • Signup- a section that decides to participate must have a considerable amount of members of that section that knows about the project.  A person who decides not be part of it may have his/her name removed from the page. (more on a naming system later.)
  • After having the "go" from the section, the section will sign up via the Sounds of Stratford (http://members.xoom.com/stratfordband).  Head to this page (section_project.htm) and use the Signup form near the bottom of the page.  There will then be a replying email message from me to notify me when the page is ready.  The rest is up to your section.
  • Making the page- each section is responsible for learning how to make a page and putting it up on the Internet.  Each section is also responsible for selecting a host for the page (such as Xoom.com).
  • As a trumpet, and author if this site, I will not be an active participant in the making of the trumpet page, if they choose to sign up.
  • Page Content- the section's page may consist of anything of anything about the section or the band in general, and may do so by using graphics, schedules, events, polls, etc.
  • Each page must have a link (graphical or text) to the Sounds of Stratford, and I will have a link back.
  • Updating- it is recommended, but not required, that your site is updated regularly.  Keeping up with the times and events of the band's contests or successes may be beneficial to your site.
  • End of the year- it may be the case in your section that a Senior is head of the web page.  It is up to the Senior to hand the web page over or to start a new one.  If authority does pass over, please do not forget the usernames and passwords for any security or hosts that is used in maintaining the web page (such as FTP servers).

Page Content Guidelines:

  • Naming system- all names of people in the band must be in this format: F. Last. Only the first name is initialed, and the last name following.  This does not apply to adults (band boosters).
  • Pictures- pictures may be used in web pages, but when they are pictures of people of the band, it must be taken at a distance or angle so that the faces are not recognizable or seen.
  • Email addresses- only email addresses of the webmaster is permitted.   This is for protection purposes.
  • Phone numbers- phone numbers are not permitted at all, even for an online phone tree.  Keep phone tree numbers only available to your section.


The Section Project Signup

Website Address:
(if available)
Planned Host:
(if available)
Webmaster's Name:
Webmaster's Email:
  • It is okay not to have a website address ready or a host, as long as you notify me when the site is ready.

  • For Planned Host: you include the name of the host or its address (such as GeoCities or www.geocities.com)


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