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Update Archives (Jan. 5, 2000 - May 5, 2000)

Please note that this is just an archive and many links and forms may be unavailable.

1999 Archives, 1998 Archives


May. 5 Updates- Spring Concert
May. 1 Updates- Upcoming Spring Concert; Awards Ceremony
  • This Thursday, May 4th, the Stratford Band will bring to you its Spring Concert; its selections ranging from music that it preformed at Washington, D.C. to classical pieces as Toccata & Fugue.  The concert starts at 7:30pm in the Stratford Auditorium.

  • The Awards Ceremony/Banquet will be held on May 12 at the Immaculate Conception Hall.  Dinner will be catered and served at 6:00pm from which the awards ceremony will start at 7:30pm.  The Band Booster Club will be responsible for paying for the meal of the band students.  Any family or friends attending the banquet will be responsible for their meal at a cost of $6.00 per person.

  • Any family member or friend planning to attend the banquet please mail your reservations and payment to Beverly Johnson, 114 Foxfire Ct., Summerville, SC 29483 no later than May 4.  Please make payment payable to the Band Booster Club in a form of check or money order; no cash please.  Since there is no one at school to pick up money, please do not send your child to school with your money.

  • Tickets to the dinner will be mailed to you after payment is received.   Tickets are needed to attend the dinner, so please let Beverly know how many band members will be attending the dinner, and how many paying guests will attend.

  • If you are not able to attend the dinner but would like to attend the Awards Ceremony, please feel free to do so.

Apr. 20 Updates- Message from the Drum Major
  • Our drum major, K. Fullante, has requested that "a few" words be mentioned on the page as a sort of farewell.  This message originates from the guestbook:

  • This is to all the SHS band members of 1999... Even tho I didn't get to thank all of you earlier for the wonderful season I've had.. I want to thank all of you now.. as I get the chance to.. to all of you band members that stuck through it (all the yelling and screaming at, and mr. haynes, ms. grace, and mrs. gossett; and the hot hours out in the sun, etc.) to the end and sincere thank you goes out to all of you for your hard work and dedication to making this marching season truly the best.. I luv every single one of you.. and hopefully, I will be able to see you next year, next season. ~~~>shoutoutz to all da band parents, captains and officers my junior year and the directors.. and to all the people i had the chance to get close to this year..ya'll know who you are.. and also to my friends/family--DRUMLINE(!!!!).. R.D.-i love you so much, girl.. K.a.R.e. bEsT fRiEnDs~C.H.-girl.. turn the =( upside down and it'll be a =)..heheh~T.T.C.-boy.. you have put me thru so much.. LOL.. but you know i luv you for it!.. thank for being there for me no matter friends forever!!M.S.-143637-2229~S.M.-being drum major wouldn't have been fun without you!!~B.K.-i believe in you so much, never forget that..."people will doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do"~N.B.-you are one of the most craziest people i know.. especailly at region.. thanks for always making me laugh~J.J.even tho you said you wouldn't talk to me a lot this whole entire year, i still luv you!! happy!!~J.J.-girl, you just seem to pop up outta no where!. hehe.. keep practicing, girl, aiight?.. if you need help, just call me up... you're doing great!~M.C.-thanks for the laughs and everything! you always had a way of brightening up my days~P.O.-boy... you are too cute...thanks for helping me get the drumline to watch me during the games.. sorta.. heheh~J.J.-b/c of you i wouldn't be the way i am now, thank you...(and you best come to rookie camp.. you're girl's gonna be there.. =)[el novio de Chewbacca])~and most especially to J.W.H.-i don't even know what to put down for you.. you put me thru so much stress this year.. but i wanna thank you for the advice you've given me all throughout my high school life.. it helps.. a lot.. thank you very much (despite all the jokes and ganged on i get from you and your posse.. LOL..)...for all of you that i didn't get to name.... much luv to ya'll!!!


Apr. 14 Updates- Color Guard Tryouts
  • Anyone interested in joining the color guard, tryouts begin Monday, April 24 and end Friday, April 28.  Middle schools: Color guard is the visual representation of what the winds and percussion play; watching flag movements and choreography is another way of seeing how we interpret the music.  Next year's show is going to be very exciting, not to mention difficult, so that success will be measured in how much effort (and also fun) the band as a whole is willing to commit.  So, those who are attending Stratford next year (especially incoming freshmen) are interested in the arts, are encouraged to try out.

Apr. 1 Updates- Kudos to BCSB, DC Pics, Festival CDs/Tapes
  • The Berkeley County School Board donated ten thousand dollars for the band's DC trip.  A flag that has flown over the capital was ordered for the School Board.  A Thank You poster is in the band room for all the students to sign and/or add additional pictures.

  • There is a limited number of pics of the DC Trip in the Pics page.  If you would like to have some of your pictures online, contact me to make sure they conform to district guidelines.

  • Those who want to order CD's and/or tapes of the Concert Festival performance click here.  There are different formats of the order form to print.

Mar. 23 Updates- Concert Festival

Stratford Receives Straight I's in Concert Festival

  • Congratulations to the Symphonic Band on winning I's on the two concert selections Havendance and Toccata and Fugue and I's on the two sight-reading pieces.   Concert Festival for us was located at Myrtle Beach High School.  Click the link for results.

Mar. 20 Updates- Washington DC Trip, Letter from Mr. Kramer
  • Now, for the first time since January, the band page gets some news.   Recently the Stratford band traveled to the nation's capital to play a total of four performances and to sightsee many historical places, ranging from the theater where president Lincoln was shot to the vast cemetery of Arlington.

  • Pictures will be available soon.  Anyone who wishes to volunteer their pictures (candid shots are a maybe) may do so.  Please make sure they pertain to district guidelines.  Those wishing to use close-up photos will have to stand by for now.  It is against district guidelines and I am going to ask for leeway.  As for the volumes of pictures to expect, I am also asking those of you with scanners to help me in scanning.  Please contact me.

  • Don Kramer, upcoming president of the band boosters, has a few words for the band concerning its future: "...I am available to answer any questions that they may have on any booster function. I would also like to hear any suggestions that they may have for fundraisers for the next year. The band members are our only reason for existence and we value any input they have. My e-mail address is and I do read my mail every day. Best of luck in the future in all your endeavors..."

Jan. 29 Updates- Auction! Auction! Auction!
  • On February 12 and 13, Joe Richard of Summerville will be auctioning the items that have been donated to the Stratford Band.  The auctioning of the donated items will begin at 11:00am on Saturday the 12th and 2:00pm on Sunday the 13th.   Spread the word to friends and family.  Come out and support the band and get some great items as well.  The items that have been donated are as follows:

    • Tiffiany Styled Lamp- $300 value, donated by Quiozel

    • One night at the Charleston Place- $100 value

    • Dinner for two at Palmetto Cafe (Charleston Place)

    • Three Complimentary Passes to Patriots Point Maritime Museum-$66 value, each ticket admits 2

    The auction will be held at:

    Joe Richard Auction Gallery
    1725 N. Main Street, Summerville
    Get a Map

  • Approximately 75 parents attended the January 24 meeting.  If you were unable to attend the meeting, please contact Nancy Wells for an information packet.   If you received an invitation to the meeting but your student(s) will NOT be attending the Washington D.C. trip please contact Mr. Haynes, Nancy Wells or Beverly Johnson so the number of participants for the trip can be made current.

  • ALL student and chaperone money is due February 15, 2000.  Please contact Mr. Haynes if you have extenuating circumstances.

Jan. 5 Updates- Band Booster Meetings
  • A reminder for all band parents:  January 10 is the next Band Booster meeting, at 7:30pm in the bandroom.

  • On January 24, there will the a meeting for parents whose children are going to the Washington, D.C. Trip.  It is at 7:30pm this time in the school auditorium.  Information packets will be handed out and attendance is mandatory.   If you are unable to come, you are recommended to send a representative to pick up your information packet.

  • Finally, I hope you guys had a stellar millenium, and even though the pic at the top has nothing to do with band, it's for the fun of it.   There's a new background song, too.

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