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Class 5A
Goose Creek, South Carolina

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Stratford Marching Knights 00-01 Year Collage


Welcome to the Sounds of Stratford, the official homepage of the Stratford Marching Knights.  Our show this 2000-2001 year will consist of La Fiesta, Malagueña, and Spanish Dreams.  This page makes available the marching shows and concerts of this and previous years in MP3 audio.

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July 10 Updates- Band Camp is Comming up Soon!
  • As you all know the time is drawing near for summer to end and Band Camp to begin.   I have made a list for the up comming freshman, and any upperclassmen that may be forgetful, of things to bring and such.  Just click on Band Camp Information.
  • Also, if any of the captains would like to post thier sectionals just e-mail me and let me know when and where they are.
July 10 Updates- Last Update from Kevin
  • Hey everyone- what you saw last update was right- I've instated Nicole to be the new webmaster of the Sounds of Stratford for your 2000-2001 year.  This means that the entire site, including the Pics, MP3's, the Guestbook, the Schedule, the Alumni Page, and even the counter will come under her juristiction. (No pressure, Nicole!)  To back the legitimacy of this somewhat radical announcement, Mr. Haynes has already OK'd Nicole's position of webmaster.

  • Now remember that she is now working on what I have built or what services the site.  Flaws in the site will most likely not be at her fault.   Things like the Guestbook.  Currently it is not working properly, so if you are greeted with a password box, leave it blank and hit OK.  You can hit Cancel each time it appears afterwards.

  • Lastly, I wish Nicole and the Stratford Band the best of luck not only with the website, but with their next show, which is great marching band material.   I'm sure you all will do great at State this year.  Whatever results you get, remember: C'est la vie.  That's life, and you darn better be proud of what you did, because that's what I feel about the time spent with the Stratford Band.  Well, Farewell everyone, and have fun.  ~Kevin

July 8 Updates- New Webmaster
  • Well everyone it has now come time for Kevin to step down as webmaster and for someone else to take his place.  That someone is me, Nicole.  Please bare with me and help me through this transition as I learn everything there is to know about this web page (and there is A LOT!).   I will do my very best to keep this page updated with the latest information.
Jun. 17 Updates- Message from B. Kershner, and other updates
  • Our fearless band captain has mentioned some good points about the future of our band program, and he and I would like to share it with you:  (as taken from the Guestbook)

  • Hey guys, I hope you people are enjoying your summer. Now is about the time that the sectionals need to start happening-good job trumpets for getting an early start. For the rest of you, watch out, I went to the trumpet sectional, and man they sound AWESOME (really) !!! Don't let your section be embarassed, Mellos surely won't, you know, cuz we're the best of course....duh. Anyway, have fun, and PLEASE practice, you'll thank yourself later - I can't wait until our first couple contests when we can sweep all the awards, how 'bout you? It'll be fun to see the devastated look on all of the other bands faces.....EEEAAATTT!!! But, guys, it all starts now. . . seeya later

  • FYI, a great way to get the rookies prepped up for marching season in my opinion is to let them attend a drum corps performance.  The closest one, by time and distance, is the NightBEAT 2000 show.  It will feature eight corps from around the nation, and starts Sunday, July 30 at 7:30pm.  Visit for more information.

  • Also, another great way to have the rookies prepped up is to have them listen to the sounds on this website.  Let them know of the site's address.  Let them know how we have sounded.

  • In other news, many have been asking me, "Who's going to do the website after you?" and "Who's going to be the data technician since no one was mentioned at the award's ceremony?" and other similar questions.  I have a person in mind to be the successor to this website to manage all the sound recordings, MP3's, pictures, the new Alumni Page, the Guestbook, and all the other good stuff that goes into the site.  I have talked to this person, which will remain nameless until we both agree otherwise, and will spend some time during the summer to discuss all aspects concerning the site.  So expect to see a name soon, which may or may not suprise you.   -yours truly

May 17 Updates- NightBEAT 2000
  • This is just a personal note from the webmaster, and also a personal recommendation:  On Sunday, July 30, 2000 eight drum corps will perform at the Memorial Stadium in Charlotte, NC.  Many of the drum corps performing are very excellent examples of how loud, rich, and piercing the sound can get from only a band of 128.  Since the Stratford Band is going to consist of 128+ members, watching these drum corps will offer lots and lots of contrast between high school marching bands and drum corps.  The drum corps will also be prime examples of marching style and technique.  (Remember that each corps may have their own style of marching.)  I can only encourage you to attend this event, and from what I am told, July 30 is around or during the time of Band Camp, so many will be unable to attend since Band Camp is 8:00 the next morning.

  • The corps performing will be the Pioneer, Tarheel Sun, Colts, Crossmen, Carolina Crown, Madison Scouts, Cavaliers, and Santa Clara Vanguard.  Sorry Blue Devils fans, they aren't showing up this year.

  • The NightBEAT 2000 event is sponsored by Carolina Crown.  Visit for more information.   Please read on, because it truly is an awesome experience, especially for those rookies!  =)  -Kevin


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